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    Why does the King James Bible use me? I say this  because I do believe that God considers his word to be holy, pure, and true. God has used it to be my guide for over 20 years now.

    Psalms 12:6-7  The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

    This being so, I do believe it to be a small matter for God to keep his Word pure for the English speaking people of this world regardless if our language is inferior in certain respects to the original Greek and Hebrew languages. Where an English word is lacking or ambiguous compared to a Greek and Hebrew word I feel that God is more than capable to reveal the word’s true meaning by the Holy Spirit, not to mention we do have concordances readily available.

    The issue I have with modern day versions that use manuscripts that were not used to translate the King James Version is that there are contradictions. These contradictions have caused confusion at the very least. Even in our Men’s Bible study last evening there was discussion on how the point I was making was altered by a translation someone else had brought to the study. I am not a musical person, but I am sure if an orchestra was playing from different versions of sheet music you could only imagine the racket that would stem from the same song that was trying to be played. So even if it were just for the sake of being on the “same sheet of music” I would use a single version and stick with it.

    1 Corinthians 14:33  For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

    The English language is a world language that I believe God is obviously not ignorant of. I believe he has taken the time and effort to ensure it was translated in a “pure” manner to keep the integrity of his written manual of love and instruction to us. Does this mean that God can not speak to us through other versions of the Bible? No, God can not and will not be confined or limited to how far or where his saving hands can reach. There is no box that can contain God to include a King James box. I have seen many lives transformed by reading other versions of the Bible just as I have seen lives transformed by means of those who paraphrase it in order to share its message.

    I believe the subtle changes that contradict the KJV to be a tactic of the devil who does not “exchange” the truth of God into a lie, he “changes” it in a subtle manner which has been a slow process over time and the changes continue more and more as time goes by. Many of our fundamental doctrines such as the virgin birth and deity of Christ are affected by these changes.

    Romans 1:25  Who “changed the truth” of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

    This is just a brief answer to why I use the KJV or rather why the KJV uses me. Here is a  good chart that explains the lines of manuscripts that exist today that have been used in the various English translations that exist today.

    There are many exhaustive studies on this topic. I find it to be very important to discuss and address, but even if I can get others to read the up to 95% of truth contained in the other modern day English versions that is a start and is better then nothing. Many have stated that the Old English is difficult to understand and maybe so for the initial reader. I have found out for myself and others that it does not take very long at all to read it just as fluently within a very short time. Our minds are very adaptive. I hope this somewhat answers and gives you a basic idea to my stance on the KJV issue and topic.

    Bible Creed by LF6

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    reasons why you should date me

    • i’ll make you a sandwich

    • i have amazing taste in music

    • i’m too ugly to cheat

    • i have no friends so i can spend lots of time with you

    • i have netflix

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    Bunny massage | [X] - SpicaSirius

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    i have limited sympathy for people who get told “no” after a public proposal because public proposals are pretty much emotionally abusive

    like seriously

    if you think it’s kinda cute, you can discuss it beforehand and then do a staged one later

    but putting someone on the spot in front of a crowd of strangers (or worse, friends) and demanding they give you a yes or no answer to a complex question which will affect the rest of their life is

    really not okay

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    the harsh reality of our economic situation

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    teasing the boys in the club like


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  • "Date someone who is interested in you. I don’t mean someone who thinks you’re cute or funny. I mean someone who wants to know every insignificant detail about you. Someone who wants to read every word you write. Someone who wants hear every note of your favourite song, and watch every scene of your favourite movie. Someone wants to find every scar upon your body, and learn where each one came from. Someone who wants to know your favourite brand of toothpaste, and which quotes resonate deep inside your bones when you hear them. There is a difference between attraction and interest. Find the person who wants to learn every aspect of who you are, and hold onto them."
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    why do chihuahuas looks like they are scared the whole time

    who wouldn’t be afraid in this economy

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